Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here is a sample from the senior picture shoot Megan and I had on Sunday-- freezing cold but successful.
Speaking of cold, today was the first day out skiing on the trails, and we had such a good time. I love skiing! It is about the funnest thing!
On Thursday Dad and I fly to see Aron (YAY) in Seattle and explore the area. I am Excited with a capital E. 
Finished Jane Eyre (a quality book). We just read Heart of Darkness in English (also one of the best I've read) and I've just started Memoirs of a Geisha. And Walden. And the Canterbury Tales. I love to be waist-deep in literature. 
Exchange to the Netherlands news: Her parents said they would take me for sure!! This is huge. And I've talked to a couple programs...they aren't outright refusing me. Which is good. 
I've started up yoga after a miserable non-yoga hiatus, and looove it (duh duh duh) and want more than anything to stay home, make scones in the morning, and then go skiing when its still light outside, and then maybe go to a college drawing class....a nice alternate reality to imagine while I'm sitting in school.
Oh, and I've been reading up a lot about lucid dreaming and working towards it...right now I'm just writing down all my dreams and periodically doing reality checks...we'll see how far I can go with this. 

Stay wonderful. It's nearly the holidays! 

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm still alive.
I'm joining the ski team. 
I met Elles, an exchange student from Netherlands. The Netherlands? Netherlands.
I'm still applying to colleges. 
Megan and I are becoming coffee-house connoisseurs. 
Election day is Tuesday.
I've been playing a lot of guitar and piano and writing songs. 
I've been reading Jane Eyre.
I'm thinking more about combining a college degree to include both writing and visual arts.

Things are Happening.