Sunday, August 26, 2007

Feeling Listy

I like September. Its a month of tennis season, not yet sick of school, and I like fall. I made some goals for this month, because I happen to be a person of lists.
• do all of my homework, keep really using my planner
• eat healthier this month
sew more bags to start Etsy merch, and try new sewing machine things, like clothes
• read (easy one, I do this so much anyway)
• run four miles
• find some shoes for winter
• sell my old clothes at the store that will buy them
• go bead shopping
• finally get my driver's license
• put lyrics to the chords I came up with 2 days ago

Besides that, some news. A new sewing machine has replaced the broken one, thank the heavens for warranties. And last night I spent at a band show, but our underground music scene doesn't really amount to much. Had fun anyway. And Megan and I lost our last tennis match, but not without a fight, we went into a 3rd set, and we were in the newspaper. Ava got her picture in the paper, a very cool one of her swimming. I cut it out and put it on my clippings-wall. Otherwise, I'm beginning to get sick, and I don't feel stellar today.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Its been 2 days of waking up early, I actually like it. I'll feel different in the dead of winter, I know it. But might as well like it now. After many trips to the counselor, I finally got my schedule figured out, because they completely botched it the first didn't help that I found out 15 minutes into Astronomy that it was NOT the class for me and would die if I didn't change it. So now I'm in Photography and AP Economics instead...hard classes indeed on top of AP Language and Pre-Calculus. I'm so happy with it though...I hope I don't go in over my head. Oh, and Lily Allen is so cute(singer) she's been newly introduced to me and she has such a cute little voice, but sings about such appalling things. Love it. And I saw a moose today when out with my dog. I think its funny how even though they kill people, I just think things like "Aw, man, I have to turn around." They are very pretty.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ahhh school tomorrow!

Monday, August 20, 2007

the last monday I can love

I have to notice there are 2 days left of summer vacation, before school begins again...So I'm using it to the best of my ability by sleeping in and reading Lord of the Rings and everything else that strikes my lazy-fancy. But I'm also planning on making some more bags so I can start a store on Etsy... which reminds me, I finally finished my school bag, and its...alright. The strap is a little thin, and I just know its going to dig into my shoulder when laden with heavy books. But for the time being it will serve its purpose, and I still really love the fabric. I realize that I've never made any clothes before, but I am really anxious to, and I want to just cut up some fabric and try it. And also get my hands on some patterns, I really want to make a dress. This all happens, of course, s soon as my own sewing machine gets taken in and hopefully fixed, but maybe replaced(sooo happy I have a warranty on it). And tomorrow I definitely need to go school supply shopping, as it is the last day of summer.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

berry fun (had to pun) (and I rhymed too!)

I'm regrowing skin on my knees and elbows right now, due to a little biking accident. When I was zooming my bike down to Ava's I didn't realize my front tire was flat, and I made a really sharp turn and BAM! on the pavement. It was embarrassing, all these cars stopped to ask if I was okay. So I showed up at Ava's door with blood running down into my sandal. I look really sad in that picture, but it doesn't hurt so much anymore.
But after that, Ava and her cousin Emily and Heather and I went blueberry picking about 20 minutes from home. We didn't get that many in the end, mostly because we spent a lot of the time talking and laughing and eating peanut butter sandwiches than actually searching for blueberries, but I got a fair amount. I like pretending that we were living off the land, and had to prepare for winter. I wish I could make my own jam or something..I wonder what you need to do that. I am reminded of that sweet book that I used to read when I was little, called "Blueberries for Sal". I really loved that book. And last night we set up a huge tent in Ava's back yard and camped out. And then shopping today, I spent money but I feel yucky and big; malls tend to have that effect on me. I would much rather shop for clothes in an outside street market, or in a fabric store, or at least a place a little less like a mall. That loud music and droves of people drive me insane, and since we were all sleep-deprived, we were all pretty cranky and unpleasant.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My sewing machine is broken.

early bird

Yech, feel sickish. For some weird reason I woke up at 6 this morning. So I used my extra morning hours to ride my bicycle to Walmart and pick out some pretty fabrics. Being in Walmart in the morning is so depressing, time never changes inside of there, like a black-hole, but with flourescent lights that suck life out of sunny mornings. But I love my new fabric. I'm using the one on the far right to make a school bag, and the one on the far left is the lining. And the other three were just on sale so I grabbed them, and I'm sure I'll think of something to use them for very soon. And I made a big cup of yummy tea to make my tummy feel better. Oh, and I got some new music that also soothes my sickish feelings, my favorites of the morning are "Let Myself Fall" by Rosie Thomas, "I'm No Angel" by Dido, and "A Sorta Fairytale" by Tori Amos. Ahh.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

rainy day, rainbow cake

Anne: So what do you want to do today?
Megan: Let's make a cake.
Robin: Totally.

Step 1: Use the most colorful cake mix ever.
Step 2: Make it a 4-layer cake.
Step 3: To match the cake, the frosting must be multi-colored as well.
Step 4: Stack.
Step 5: More frosting, definitely.
Step 6: Admire.
Step 7: Pose with your masterpiece.
Step 8: Yummm!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

cute cookies and good music

Late night snack with my mom, we sat down and had a cookie with a glass of milk. They're called "Fantasy Cookies", made with flour, honey, butter, crushed almonds, and chocolate chips. Mmmm. And by the way, I'm really enjoying the new band Ava told me about, Sigur Rós. Dreamy vocals and woozy melodies. Magnificent.
This is the surprise my brother left on my desk under a heavy book that I found when I got back from visiting my relatives in Seattle. My first official collection of something. He found all of them on his month-long bike trip across Alaska (that I really wanted to go on, but I had summer school and a job instead). I've been adding to it since, but I'm not sure what to do with them, I'm really afraid of breaking them so they're residing under the humongous book of Picasso for now. I guess if I got a frame and..glued them onto a backboard? Thats the best idea I've had so far. I just think they're pwitty.
I went to see Stardust today with Anne-and as she said, "that movie was carmelized." It was the sweetest, happiest movie I have seen in a long time, a perfect happy ending, and a perfect way to spend a rainy day. But with luck this rain will expire as of tomorrow, because I have hiking plans. I just found pictures of Ava and I during a trip into downtown, visiting our favorite hallway. It goes on forever, it seems. That was the day we saw a man walking 7 dogs, each on a different color leash. I recently finished the summer reading for this summer, and have resumed my journey through Middle Earth. How nerdy :] And today was also a day of DMV horror-waiting an hour and a half to find out I can't get my license for another couple of weeks. After consideration, I've decided my favorite fictional creature would be an Ent. They move so slowly and carefully, "Entish is a lovely language, but it takes a long time to say anything in it, because we do not say anything in it, unless it is worth taking a long time to say , and to listen to." They sound so peaceful, just watching the world go by.

Monday, August 13, 2007

beginning the blog, ending the summer

Must be the hottest day of the year today. Tennis was scorching, though I am starting to get my serve back again, after all those long winter months of hiding. I've also started pre-academic cleaning, to prepare for all the homework and papers I'll be accumulating, as of next week. I have this little nifty cigar box, that in books a person would keep their most prized possessions, like a lock of hair or an old photograph or train ticket-I don't seem to have anything like that. So I am just keeping all my necklaces in there for now. And I started a painting yesterday, and its sitting on the easel now waiting to be worked on. But I'm not quite ready to add anything yet, I like the unfinished look actually.